10 min row/bike at recovery pace, then…
Lac ball in Shoulder(2 minutes per shoulder)
Banded internal rotation: 2 minutes per side (4 minutes total)
Banded shoulder stretch (2-3 min)
Global extension: (2 min)
Elevated squat mobility (4min)
Pigeon pose(4min)
Rollout Quads and Calves (8 min)
Bicep Opener
3 sets of palms up/thumbs up/arm raise palms up/arm raise thumbs up 5 reps of each

This exercise is to strengthen the bicep through its range of motion,helping stabilize the shoulder and its overall health
“Suns Out – Guns Out”
Teams of 3:
3 Rounds:
100 Bench Press
100 Calorie Row
(RX 135/95)
(Scaled 35/45 and 80 reps)
Teams can break up the work as they see fit.


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