3 Supersets:
10 Left arm dumbbell row
20 Banded pull-aparts
10 Right arm db rows
20 Banded pull-aparts
*Rest 1:30 btw supersets
“In the woods”
15 min amrap:
10 KB Clean+Jerk(5 each arm) 53/35#
20m oh walking lunge w/plate 45/35#
10 pull-ups
Back to kb carry plate
oh lunge-15/25
ring rows
Mobility/Active Recovery
*10 Min Row/Bike/Run @Recovery Pace
Below or Try *RomWod*
Quad Rollout with barbell
Couch Stretch (2min/each)
Pigeon Pose (4 min)
Banded hamstring stretch(4min)
Trap Smash w/barbell
Banded shoulder distraction
Foam roll lats
Calf Rollout with barbell+friend
Ankle stretch 4min
*Mobilize any other areas of need or work on some skills(Kipping/Double Unders/etc.)


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