Swoldier Nation
Superset Push/Pulls

Bench Press 5 x 10 AHAP.
DB Bent Over Row 5 x 10 (each hand) AHAP.

Dips (rings,or bench) 5 x Failure (10+).
Standing strict DB curls 5 x Failure (10+).

Standing DB lateral raises 5 x 10.
Standing DB front raises 5 x 10.
Accumulate 100 Hollow Rocks during the workout.

Mobility/Active Recovery
*10 Min Row/Bike/Run @Recovery Pace
Below or Try *RomWod*
Child Pose (4 min)
Trap Smash (4min)
Foam roll lats (4min)
First Rib (6min)
Couch Stretch (4min)
Bottom Position (4min)
Ankle Stretch (4min)


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