Super Swole Thursday
5 Rounds:
10 Close Grip Push-ups
15 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows (each arm) (50/35)
20 Strict Presses (45/35#)
25 Banded Pull-aparts
500 Meter Row
Rest as needed between rounds
Mobility/Active Recovery
Banded Pull-aparts
Banded Good Mornings @Recovery Pace
Below or Try *RomWod* or Work on some Skillz
Foam Roll Quads (6-8min)
Lizard stretch(4min
Bottom position (4min)
Banded hamstring distraction (4min)
Lat rollout (2-4 min)
First rib (4min/side)
Lac ball in pec (4min)
Banded Shoulder Stretch (4min)


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