Squat Snatch Every 2:00 For 12 min (6 sets) 6 Touch ‘n’ Go
Set 1: 50-60% Range. Set the tone for your movement
Sets 2-5: Build. Stay smooth.
Set 6: Back down to opening weight. End with perfect reps.
Punxsutawney Ill 
4 Rounds:
6 Muscle Ups
18 Alternating DB Squat Snatch 50/35lbs

Performance: 6 Strict Chest to Bar

Fitness: 6 Strict Pull-ups, 35/25

Looking to keep 2 sets on the muscle ups each round.
If mobility issues prohibit good position perform a DB power snatch to keep the intensity high.
This workout should take between 8 and 14 minutes at most.

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