Clean (Every 2min For 12 Min:5 Touch and Go Squat Cleans*)
*Set 1: 50-60% Range. Set the tone for your movement.
Sets 2-5: Build, but stay smooth.
Set 6: Back to starting weight. End with perfect reps.
AMRAP 2:00 x 4
8 Deadlifts AHAP*
Max Rep Double Unders in remaining time

Performance: Push-ups

Fitness: Push-ups, Single Skips

-Rest 2:00 after each set-

-Record double or singles skips after each round for score.
*As heavy as possible without breaking the set, they need to be done unbroken.

The goal for this piece is for the HSPU/Push-ups is to never be more than 2 sets, and for the deadlifts to be unbroken to ensure there is time at the end of each round for some double unders. Deadlift weight should remain less than 75% of the athlete’s 1RM.

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