Track  Wod #2
Outdoor Version:
On the 0:00… 1 Mile Run
On the 10:00… 100 Burpees
On the 20:00… 1 Mile Run

Add up your time from all 3 effort.

-Opportunity to practice pacing larger intervals
Aim to keep the second 1 mile run within :10 -: 15 seconds of the first
-Your score will be 3 separate completion times (system will add together sum total)
-If you believe your mile time to be in the 9:00’s or above, let’s modify to 800m today and run hard
8:00 Time Cap on Part #2 (burpees)

If can’t run we will have 2 rowers at the track!!
Home Wod #2 
Indoor Version
“Death by Burpees”
On the Minute for As Long As Possible:
“X” Burpees
Round 1 – 5 Burpees
Round 2 – 6 Burpees
Round 3 – 7 Burpees
Continue to add (1) rep for as long as possible. (shoot for approx 10 rounds, if needed start at lower #)
-Each round starts at the top of the minute
-The very first round will start with 5 burpees
Add 1 rep for each minute after that for as long as you can
-Your score is “round + reps”, which is your last completed round + partial
** Ex. If you finish all 15 burpees within the minute and then get 13 burpees into the round of 16, your score is 15+13

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