Home Wod #12
Every 2 Min for 20 Min:
10 Box Jumps or Jumps Over an Object
20 Flutter Kicks (20 per leg, 40 total kicks)
*Max Rep Air Squats in remaining time
No rest, continue squatting until the next 2 minute win- dow begins and restart.

* Score record air squat reps from each round.

-Scaling options
– Step ups or Tuck Jumps for Box Jumps
– Fewer Flutter Kicks or perform 10-20 crunches
– Squat to a Chair, Couch or Bench
– Reduce overall volume – 10-16 minutes (5-8 rounds)
Shoulder Death Circuit
:30 Palms Forward
:30 Palms Backwards
:30 Internal/External Rotation Alternating
:30 Swimmers
1:00 Arms Extended at your sides Hold

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