Weightlifting Cluster (E3MOM for 9 min 7 clusters) Metcon AMRAP 10: Open 3 Muscle Ups 6 Front Squats 175/115lbs 9/6 Calorie Bike/Row Performance: 6 Burpee C2B, 155/105 Fitness: 6 Burpee Pull-up, 135/95 Muscle ups may be scaled to bar muscle ups, or a jumping variation. Front squats should be really uncomfortable, but still unbroken until the very end at worst. Extra 3 Rounds :20 L-Sit Hold :40 Rest Continue reading 1/24/20


Gymnastics Seated Rope Climb (1-2 E2MOM for 12 Min)Legless to start and then, when high enough off the ground, clamping the legs onto the rope. Scaled Options: Clamp and Stand, Lying to Standing, Regular Rope Climb Metcon 2 Rounds: Open 30 Lateral Box Jump Overs 24/20″ 15 Squat Snatches 115/75 Performance: 95/65 Fitness: 20″, 75/55 The time domain for today’s workout is less than eight minutes. Continue reading 1/23/20


Metcon AMRAP 20: Open: 8 HSPU 12 Pull Ups 24 Air Squats 12 Push Ups 8 Pistols Performance: 2 Wall Walk (in place of hspu) 8 Jumping Lunges (in place of pistols) Fitness: 2 Wall Walk 8 Pull-ups 16 Air Squats 8 Push-ups 4 Jumping Lunges Modification options. – HSPU: fewer reps, 1 wall climb, or pike HSPU – Pull Ups: fewer reps, banded strict pull ups, or ring rows – Squats: fewer reps, or squat to a ball – Push Ups: elevate the hands to achieve full range of motion – Pistols: band or rig assisted pistols, pistols to … Continue reading 1/22/20


Weightlifting Shoulder Press (5-5-5-5-5)  Looking for each set to be heavier than the previous one, beginning at a moderate weight (70% or so), meaning you shouldn’t count your light warm up sets. Metcon  4 Rounds: Echo Bike .8/0.5k or Row 500m Rest Approx 3 Min Btn Intervals The goal is for each of the four efforts to be as close to maximal as possible for a time domain of 1:30-2:00.  Treat each round as if it were the only round. Continue reading 1/21/20


Strength E3MOM for 12 min: 50′ Bear HugSandbag Lunges AHAP Metcon  For Time: Open: 400/350m Row 30 Burpees 20 Deadlifts 205/145 10 Power Cleans 205/145 Performance: 185/125 Fitness: 135/95 12 min time cap. Power clean should obviously be the limiting factor on weight; it should be challenging, but shouldn’t be heavier than around 80-85% of your best power clean. Continue reading 1/20/20


Metcon Every 3 Minutes for 21 Min: Open: 15 Sit Ups 9 Squat Cleans 135/95 *AMRAP Wallballs 20/14 Performance: 115/75 Fitness: 95/65, 14/10 *only record wallballs for each round as score Extra With A Partner: AMRAP 7 Min Hugging a Sandbag 50-100lbs Passing the sandbag back and forth for the entire seven minutes without it touching the floor. Continue reading 1/16/20


Strength Handstand Push-ups (Every :90 for 9:00 1 Set of Deficit HSPU 4/2″) If only able to do <5 reps with a deficit, consider scaling to normal kipping HSPU, a set number of negatives, wall climbs, or scaling to perfect push ups. Metcon For Time: Open&Performance: 150 Air Squats 200 Double Unders 100 In Place Lunges 50 Box Jumps 24/20″ 20 Sand Bag Over Shoulder 100/70lbs Fitness: Single-unders, BJ’s 20″, SB 70/50 Continue reading 1/14/20