Remote Coaching

Monthly rate: $175 

          (from the comfort of your home on your schedule, programmed for equipment you have)

Personal Training

60 Minute Session: $80

CrossFit Memberships

Monthly rate: $170 per month Unlimited CrossFit

          (10% off EMT/Military/Firefighter/Police/Student)

Teens:  $90 per month

          (18 and under)

Family Add-on: $110 per month

           (Live-in partners and children)

Drop-in: One time $20 or buy a shirt for $25

          ($10 for each subsequent visit within 7 days )

Lifestyle Membership

Monthly Rate: $90 per month

Ages 12-18: $70 per month

Barbell Club Membership


Platform Fee: $30/month (RCF members)


$120 (four 60 minute one on one sessions)