Turkish Get Up (3×6(3 each side))
Min 1:  50′ Walking Lunge w/2kb’s or db’s
Min 2: Max Muscle-ups in :40(scale: mu transitions or pull-up or ring row)
Min 3: 50 Double-unders(scale:25 du or 75 single skips)

Look at this as a skill session today
Mobility/Active Recovery
*12 Min Row/Bike/Run @Recovery Pace
Below or Try *RomWod*
Prayer stretch to Box (2-4 min)
First rib (4min/side)
Lac ball in pec (4min)
Banded Shoulder Stretch (4min)
QUAD/Focus on i.t. band  Barbell Rollout(6-8min)
Couch Stretch (4min)
Ball in upper glute (4min)
Low leg rollout Rollout (4min)

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