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60 minute coach-led group fitness class focused on movements to prepare you for real life, perfect for all skill levels. Everything from running, rowing, gymnastics, kettlebells, and weightlifting – every class brings something new, which keeps training interesting day in and day out.


Thrive 45

45 minute coach-led group fitness class perfect for anyone who wants a great workout using simple movements in 45 minutes or less!



Book your spot to work on your own weightlifting program, skill work, or even stretching routine! While there will be a coach on-site, this training is done solo.


Open Gym

Open gym is a great opportunity to work on homework given in a personal training session, or making sure you can get in and out with a busy schedule. This session is not coach-led, although there will always be a coach on-site. For this reason, only sign up for open gym if you consider yourself a seasoned CrossFitter.


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