3 Supersets:
15 Shoulder Retractions
15 Lateral Db Raise
15 Front Db Raise
12 rounds or 20 minutes
10 stationary KB goblet lunges (5 per leg),70/53#
10 American KB swings, 70/53#
10 box jumps,24/20″
Kb 35/26
Bj or step-ups, 20″
Mobility Option
12 min Row/bike/run at recovery pace
Accumulate 4 min of unbroken plank hold
Below or Try *RomWod* or Work on some Skillz
Foam Roll Lats (4min)
Pec Smash(4min)
Child Pose  (2min)
Banded hamstring distraction (4min)
Quad rollout (4 min)
Couch Stretch (2min/side)
Pigeon Pose (4min)


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