Visual of an athlete before and after using CrossFit training.

My Transformation From Sedentary To CrossFit Gym Owner

If you had told me 13 years ago that today I would love to workout and even own a gym, I would have said you had the wrong girl. Around that time I was overweight and extremely sedentary, avoiding exercise at all costs. Eventually, I began researching exercise and nutrition programs out of frustration and a desire to change. At first I tried running – I put in my headphones and hopped on a treadmill for a miserable 60 minutes. Along with an overly restrictive 1200 cal/day diet, I lost 3 pounds. I felt like I was putting in so much more than I was getting out of it. Sound familiar? I know so many women who share this story. 

I finally came across a few CrossFit videos on YouTube and was blown away by what the women I was watching were able to do. They looked so strong, powerful, and confident while I felt so weak and uncomfortable with myself. I was hooked. Over the next year, I had lost 40lb and felt completely transformed. I learned how to actually enjoy exercise for the first time ever. I had no idea how good my body could feel when I was proud of what it could do. For example, my first day I couldn’t lift an empty barbell or do a push-up. I’ll never forget the first time I was able to deadlift my own bodyweight, or get my first strict pull-up. To all my members who doubt when I say it – I really have been there!

Transformation from before and after training CrossFit
Before CrossFit // After CrossFit

I began coaching early on, thinking it would make me an expert in the movements I loved. I did not expect to learn to listen, care, champion, and lead in a way that fundamentally changed who I am. Even through grad school and my full-time engineering career, I always made sure I could coach. It will never get old helping others accomplish things they thought were impossible, it just can’t help but seep into other parts of your life.

I have been doing CrossFit consistently now for twelve years. While school and work took me all over the country, the first thing I always did in a new place was join my local affiliate. Not only have I kept off that weight, I know I will keep doing this forever. So many people tell me they wish they’d started sooner, and so I feel lucky to have found something I love early in life. Now that I am an affiliate owner, I want Renascent to achieve for others what CrossFit did for me:

  • Discover that you can enjoy exercise
  • Enjoy the confidence that comes with strength training
  • Get lasting results
  • Be a part of a community that inspires you

If this story resonates with you, I would love to hear yours! Email me at [email protected].